The 21st Century Lawyer – Time to Leave Private Practice

Lawyers are today both familiar and comfortable with the traditional, long-established partnership model, in which they think they see their future. Yet our profession is undergoing what could be regarded as radical change, and as a result new, innovative ways of working have and continue to emerge. Amongst them, is the option of becoming a consultant – a self-employed route where lawyers join a firm such as My Business Counsel. Similarly to the traditional lawyer’s career path, this option allows for working alongside likeminded lawyers, whilst also receiving the support of a complete administration function, similar to that of private practice. Whilst this line of legal work remains a brave new option for the majority of lawyers, it is also undoubtedly a structure that is commonplace in many other professional sectors, such as accountancy, engineering and IT.


Consultancy provides lawyers with unique advantages over and above traditional employment and whilst not right for all, the control that consultants gain is an alluring option for many. You may be considering this career path yourself, for which the My Business Counsel structure has been designed to support you in your goals, alongside which is the guarantee of earning considerably more than you would in private practice. Should you become a My Business Counsel consultant, you’ll join a growing number of lawyers who represent a 21st century collective of legal professionals.


If you wish to find out more, please visit our recruitment campaign website (Law My Way) at where you can understand more about the model, as well as read some testimonials from lawyers who have made the move.


If you wish to have a confidential discussion to consider your options or to progress to joining My Business Counsel, you can submit your details and CV on the ‘Join Us’ page on the Law My Way website.


Guide to becoming a self-employed lawyer


You may wonder what, exactly, the process of self-employment entails. My Business Counsel has developed a guide to provide a crystal clear understanding of UK self-employment for lawyers, in which you’ll discover what is involved and the steps that you would take. This should provide you with a firm footing for going on to read further sources of information and gain additional independent advice.


For a copy of this guide to be emailed to you, please email Emily Harris to request your copy: