Corporate Crime Seminar with My Business Counsel


Date: Thursday 22nd January 2015 Cost: Free
Start: 16.30 End: 18.30
Address: No. 5 Chambers, Fountain Court, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham, B4 6DR

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Free Corporate Crime Seminar for Directors


The speakers shall be:

Adrian Keeling QC

Michelle Healey, Barrister

John Cato, Solicitor-Advocate


In partnership with No. 5 Chambers, My Business Counsel would like to invite you to our specialist regulatory seminar for Business Directors.


Our Corporate Crime Seminar will highlight the dangers, show you how to put the correct policies and procedures in place and allow you to get on and focus on the success and growth of your business rather than worrying your company might step on a regulation mine.


With fines for breach – which can simply include not having the right policies in place – running into the £000’s, you know you cannot afford to ignore Corporate Regulation.


You can imagine the time and financial setback to your business if you get this wrong.


Attending this seminar you will find out how to avoid fines and criminal sanctions in areas including:-


  • Health and Safety
  • Data Protection
  • Money laundering
  • Tax compliance


“Empowering your business with the correct knowledge will save you time, hassle, money and can even save you from closure.”


Your business cannot afford to miss this seminar! To find out more, please email


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