Director Service Agreements

What is a Director Service Agreement?

Directors’ service agreements will usually address most of the principal terms of the director’s employment but will often need to be read in conjunction with the company’s employee handbook (which will contain company policies) and any pension plan and executive incentive plan rules. The service agreement will address factual details such as hours and place of work, salary and benefits, the director’s duties, confidentiality and intellectual property rights, grounds for termination and consequences of termination and, finally, any restrictions on his activities after the end of his employment


What should a director’s service agreement include?

A director’s service agreement can also include additional provisions covering the following areas:

  • Duties and responsibilities of the director to the company;
  • Holiday entitlements;
  • limitations on business or professional activities outside of employment;
  • Long term sickness  arrangements;
  • Main place of work, possible future change of location, need for business travel;
  • Notice provisions including  circumstances where the service agreement may be  terminated by the company without notice;
  • Pay and benefits details: salary, bonus schemes, share options, medical insurance, life and disability insurance, pensions, company car;
  • Resignation of Director;
  • Restrictive covenants that may apply when the director leaves the company;


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