HR Support

Whether you’re a business owner with one assistant or a large organisation with hundreds of employees, your staff should know they are working for a professional and responsible company, and an excellent way of demonstrating this to them is by taking your human resources duties seriously.

Our aim is to provide practical and sound legal advice to businesses on all HR support related issues. Our Employment lawyers will assist with disputes, negotiations, dismissals and the drafting of HR documentation.

Our HR Support Services

This is just a selection of the human resources support services we offer:

Health and safety: We will assist you to form a coherent and consistent health and safety policy that complies with legal requirements, helps meet your duty of care to your employees and helps them understand their health and safety obligations.

Redundancy, reorganisation and relocation: Unless handled carefully, any savings you hope to make by reorganising your employees will be cancelled out by employment disputes. Set off on the right foot by consulting an experienced HR solicitor early in the process.

Dismissal: Before letting go of an employee for reasons of misconduct or performance problems, it is wise to consult an experienced HR solicitor. My Business Counsel will provide the careful advice needed to avoid claims of unfair dismissal.

Contracts and agreements: We can look over your employment-related documents to make sure they contain all the necessary legal terminology that will hold up in court or an employment tribunal in the event of a dispute.

How We Work

Our specialist Employment Lawyers are knowledgeable on a wide range of HR support and employment-related legal matters. They come from some of the most respected UK legal firms and bring their years of experience with them to provide you with an innovative and flexible service.

We either work on a traditional transactional, private practice basis from our own offices or we can often provide an in-house service. Whichever method is chosen, our representatives aim to forge long-lasting relationships.

We can also help with a range of employment issues and provide advice on matters of corporate law and commercial law.

If you would like further information please contact us on 0121 562 1704 or click the link below to contact us.

Key Contacts

Raji Dhunay
Raji Dhunay

Raji qualified as a solicitor in 2015 with a London law firm. Post-qualification Raji has worked as an in-house employment and litigation lawyer...
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Katharine Ryder Richardson
Katharine Ryder Richardson

Katharine qualified as an employment lawyer in 2009 with a top London law firm, specialising in corporate and commercial clients.
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