Experienced corporate lawyers in the UK

How can My Business Counsels Corporate Lawyers help you?


Our expert team of diligent lawyers have helped businesses, companies and start-ups alike deal with a wide range of corporate issues, for instance helping arrange partnerships and LLPs.


Our team is comprised of lawyers that have guided large international businesses through the difficult processes involved with Joint Ventures, mergers and acquisitions. As well as developing procedures and policies that smaller companies and start-ups have found vital in order to follow the myriad of regulations required of businesses today, we have also provided information on key areas of corporate law relevant to our clients businesses; such as detailing Employee Share Schemes and employment laws.


We are here to help, whether you run a large business that needs help with complex, high-level management issues (MBIs and MBOs) or just seeking out Private Equity and Venture Capital to fund your new business, our expert corporate lawyers have the experience and skill-set you need to make the most of your opportunities.

To find out more on how My Business Counsel can assist you, please contact our Corporate Law Team today on or by calling 0121 562 1704. Click here to find out more about us.