Final Big Four Accountancy firm focuses on the creation of UK legal arm

The Delloitte accountancy firm, one of the Big Four has announced plans to throw their hat back into the legal ring.


Piet Hein Meeter has been appointed as managing director for Deloitte Legal.

Deloite Legal will build on the international trend towards integration of process, technology, and deep legal capability.”


Meeter has expressed plans to expand Deloitte Legal into the UK, ““There’s a definite need for scale and true global coverage… “, “That will be one of my main focus areas for my term. The UK is definitely on the list and then some other things.”


Whether or not Deloitte plans  to create a separate legal arm of its business or intend to develop into a full law firm based in the UK, is as of yet unknown, and Meeter has not been reached for comment regarding future plans.



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