In need of legal services from a UK based franchise lawyer?

Franchise lawyer for UK businesses

Are you in need of a franchise lawyer?
Have you looked into either setting up a franchise or joining a successful franchise?


Our Commercial law team is comprised of experienced franchise lawyers that have helped both Franchisees and franchisors to set up their businesses and collaborate on agreements that both parties agree with, whilst being fully informed by our franchise lawyers so they fully understand what they’re signing.


Our commercial law team have provided legal advice for other business and commercial interests such as; advertising and marketing advice, agency and commercial contracts, allowing our franchise lawyers to have an in-depth understanding of the interlinked laws and regulations surrounding franchises and commercial interests and giving their clients detailed legal advice.


Our franchise lawyers can also work with our intellectual property team to establish protections for your business, providing copyrighting and trademarking services for those interested in starting a franchise.


As a result of our experienced team many businesses have responded with positive feedback about the services our franchise lawyers have provided, why not be the next happy client?


To find out more on how My Business Counsel can assist you, please contact our commercial team today at or by calling 0121 562 1704. Click here to find out more about us.