Intellectual Property Rights & legal services in the UK

Do you require legal advice related to your Intellectual Property rights?


Are you looking for a way to retain your intellectual property rights?
Perhaps you have a new idea or design that you want to protect?


We can offer advice on how to create trademarks, patents or copyrights to protect your ideas and business. We also try to work with you to understand your business and R&D plans to ensure that these are worthwhile investments, as filing for patents and defending your intellectual property rights requires a lot of time and money.


Whilst our Intellectual Property team can help you arrange trademarks and patents we can also act on your behalf or provide legal advice should another party try to file an action against you over their own intellectual property rights or your seeking to defend your intellectual property rights by suing another party for misuse or plagiarised use of your copyrights and trademarks.


We also offer advice regarding brand protection including how to defend your Intellectual Property rights on social media sites

To find out more on how My Business Counsel can assist you, please contact our Intellectual Property Team today at or by calling 0121 562 1704. Click here to find out more about us.