Interim Lawyer – Working at a Virtual Law Firm

There are many reasons to choose an interim position. As an interim you can reap the financial benefits of your training, without being locked into the corporate treadmill of the first firm you walk into. By taking a short-term contract you can have control over your working life. Alternatively you might be bridging a gap whilst exploring the perfect permanent opportunity or a foreign qualified lawyer who has just landed in the UK and needs an immediate income.


Working on an interim basis also gives you a chance to ‘try before you buy’ – many professionals chose to stay with an employer they initially joined on a contract basis, confident that the culture of the organisation and the work they would be expected to do matched their expectations.  Financially many candidates benefit from being paid on an hourly rate allowing you to be paid for every hour that you work and often generous overtime pay. Working on a temporary basis also benefits those who prefer to work through the vehicle of a limited company.

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