A Career with My Business Counsel

Many lawyers are familiar with the traditional employed way of working, whether in-house or in private practice. As the legal profession continues to undergo changes, more alternative career paths are emerging for lawyers wanting flexibility in how they progress their careers and manage their personal lives.


My Business Counsel lawyers work from their own home office or their clients’ offices, or can also use the hot desk facilities available at one of our offices in London, Birmingham, Leeds or Northern Ireland. All My Business Counsel lawyers are recruited on a performance-based remuneration model that essentially allows the lawyer to keep the larger proportion of the fees that are billed to the client. All lawyers have complete flexibility on how they wish to work with My Business Counsel or how many hours they wish to work each month. Please click here to learn more about what we offer and how you would work with My Business Counsel.


We aim to constantly, and consistently, set new standards in the commercial value we offer to our clients as well as in the quality of our legal advice. That’s why we need talented and motivated individuals who can be extremely effective business people as well as extremely efficient lawyers.


To learn more about becoming a self-employed consultant with My Business Counsel, please click here to read more about how to become self-employed and what is involved in terms of your personal set up.



If you love flexibility, pride yourself on your professionalism, and want to work where you want, when you want, email us at