Practising Certificate fee may be dropping 17%

Pending a consultation between members of the Law Society and the Law Society Council, the Practising certificate fee is set to fall by £64 for 2014/2015. however, the Compensation Fund Fee will be levied at £32 which results in a total fee of £352, which is an £88 difference on the fee levied in 2013/14.


The consultation itself is eight pages long and seeks member comments regarding the 2014/2015 budget draft for the Law Society Group, the consultation is open from the 19th of June.


The Law Society Council meeting dated Wednesday 9th July will be the deciding date for how the prices will be altered post consultation.


For those interested the PDF below has all the information, but this is the set of questions that the consultation is asking for those interested.



1. Do you think the Practising Certificate Fee for 2014-15 is:

2. Do you think the balance of spending across the Law Society Group between the Law Society professional body, the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Corporate Solutions is reasonable?

3. Do you think the balance between the Law Society professional body’s spending on permitted Practising Certificate funded activity and non-permitted commercially funded activity is:
4. Looking forward to the 2015-16 budget and beyond, do you think the Practising Certificate Fee should:



Law Gazette

Law Society Practising Fee Consultation PDF