Libby Cooper, Commercial Lawyer Joins MBC


Libby Cooper | Commercial Lawyer


Libby Cooper, Commercial Lawyer, joins My Business Counsel


We are pleased to announce that Libby Cooper has joined the MBC Commercial Team.


Libby Cooper has been helping businesses to solve their legal problems for more than 20 years and she has developed a broad whilst working in a wide range of sectors, in national and international environments.


Libby’s diverse mix of skills gained working In-house and in Private practice means that she is able to work either in-house directly within a business or advise clients on a case by case basis.


She is a consummate practitioner in working with the realities of current and new laws, and the demands of clients, suppliers, employees and regulators.


Her core skills include;


• Commercial Matters,
• Governance,
• Compliance,
• Dispute Negotiation,
• Employment, and
• Environmental Law.


Libby Cooper can be contacted by email at