Newly Proposed Solar Energy Subsidies – Citations and annotations

Below is the full list of annotations and citations for the (URN 14D/114) Proposal analysis article written by Bhalindra Bath.


Although this may be a debt financier or private equity investor, or both, with the possibility of equity investment from the developer/contractor in the “yield-co” SPV that owns the solar installation asset which receives the revenue streams of offtake (generated electricity) and renewable subsidy granted by the local Government (in the UK this can be feed-in-tariff for <5MW sized solar installations, at present – renewable obligations certificates for >5MW solar installations, and levy exemption certificates, for generated and metered electricity exported from an energised (post Commercial Operations Date, connected, commissioned and exporting power to the Grid) asset).


All responses on the proposal

Regulation 43 of

Annex 3 of GTAC – see FN8 below.

Section 7 of EA’13:


/file/305536/generic_cfd_t_and_cs.pdf (general terms and conditions as at April 2014 – “GTAC”); (draft CfD agreement as at April 2014); URN 14D/119 (

Part 13 of GTAC (see at FN8 above).



See FN8 above.

Although a forecast on expected availability is to be provided by a Generator in relation to their Asset together with the expected Start Date (condition 3.14 (B) of GTAC: subject to any CP notice for a Generator under the CfD, not being earlier than the first day of the target commissioning window period, no later than the long-stop date in the CfD for energisation, and no earlier than 1 April 2015), and expected Installed Capacity Estimate, together with all other information as a part of the Generator Undertakings – condition 32 of GTAC.

Annex 6 of the CfD agreement (see at FN8 above).

See page 1. For a full list of the eligibility criteria at this time, see in draft, ‘The Contracts for Difference (Allocation) Regulations 2014’, regulations 7-20 in particular (


See at FN. 8 above.

Section 36.1 of GTAC (see at FN8 above).


London Court of International Arbitration.

See at condition 52.1 of GTAC.