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Curium Solutions

Helping businesses to change
Curium – With a dedicated team of business consultants Curium is able to advise start-ups and large companies alike during periods of change. Change can be a disruptive process without proper guidance and Curium can deliver the guidance required to ensure their clients can reach for their potential.

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Business Angels

xénos – Provides a platform for start-ups and businesses to connect with investors to fund their projects, Xenos has a diverse investment portfolio which offers investors a chance to find an investment that matches them.

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Promoting environmental concern

Ethos is an established group of environmental specialists that understand the importance of the environment in planning and development. Ethos can provide advice to commercial and private bodies that help them meet their objectives whilst benefitting the environment.



Iconiq Innovation Ltd provides business consultancy specialising in acquisition of R&D funding for clients from National and European funding programmes.