The principle causes of software disputes

My Business Counsel’s expert software dispute solicitors have categorised the following causes as the principle causes of most software disputes.


• Inconsistent deliverables and/or services, in other words both parties not entirely on the same page as to what was agreed
• Poor project and/or service management
• Misunderstanding of requirements and/or service definition/understanding
• Scope creep and/or inadequate change management
• Inadequate test preparation and/or underestimating likely issues
• Inadequate co-operation from customer
• Inadequate resource
• Inadequate involvement or buy-in from users
• Unrealistic pre-contract promises: Over-selling
• Customer changing its mind
• Failure by supplier to deal with issues in a timely manner and allowing them to fester


My Business Counsel can work with you to ensure that any software dispute is efficiently managed to ensure that the matter stays away from the court, and instead the parties work on revisiting the commercial terms agreed between the parties, which at times may be negotiating out of the contract and sourcing a new supplier for the service. Our expert software dispute lawyers and barristers have many years’ experience behind them and have created a Software Dispute Matrix which when applied will strategically allow the client to plan the next stage and review the matter from a bird’s eye view, rather than diving in and instructing us to file court claims from the outset.

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