Commercial Leases

We know commercial leases can be complicated and expensive undertakings. That’s why we ensure that nothing is left to chance when it comes to documentation. If you’re looking for a real estate lawyer with experience of working with complex leases and is focused on the bottom line, you’ve come to the right place.

Commercial Leases Legal Issues

Our solicitors act for landlords or tenants, delivering a wide range of services in the legal area of commercial leases. They will:

  • Deal with rent deposit deeds that provide security to the landlord in the event of a tenant’s insolvency.
  • Organise property surveys and land searches.
  • Negotiate the terms of a new commercial lease.
  • Negotiate the terms of the renewal of a commercial lease.
  • Arrange variations on a lease.
  • Explain all the key points so that you are fully informed about the contract you are signing.
  • Search for hidden problems in a lease contract that could cause costly problems at a later date.
  • Suggest alternative wording if you’re not happy with any of the terms in the contract.
  • Negotiate on behalf of landlords or tenants in the event of a dispute.
  • Negotiate the terms of the contract. If it contains something that you do not want to sign up to, we’ll make sure you don’t have to, or suggest an alternative.
  • Advise on the landlord’s and tenants responsibilities in matters such as health and safety and maintenance of the property.
  • Give advice on sublettings.

How We Work

We’re a law firm with offices in London and Birmingham. Our lawyers are based throughout Britain, so they can come to your offices, wherever you are.

When you contact us, we’ll discuss with you whether our commercial property lawyer will work in house along with your own legal team or management team. This can be advantageous as it gives the solicitor an overview of your company and helps us get to know your business well.

If you’re an individual or a small business, working from our own offices will most likely be the option we suggest: that can be for a short, one-off job or on a more long-term basis. Our costs are reasonable and we can work to a monthly budget for the in-house option to help your business manage its outgoings.

As well as commercial leases, we offer legal help with commercial development and planning and development.

If you would like further information please contact us on 0121 562 1704 or click the link below to contact us.

Key Contacts

Amit Sharma
Amit Sharma

Amit was originally a science graduate and since having re-qualified in law in 2005, has been a partner in a London practice as well as a consultant...
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Nisha Bharadwa
Nisha Bharadwa

Nisha qualified as a solicitor in July 2007 and has chosen to specialise as a commercial property lawyer, having gained extensive experience in commercial...
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Jonathon Ufland
Jonathon Ufland

Jonny Ufland is an experienced Commercial Associate Real Estate solicitor working in Tel Aviv and London, and acting for both Israeli and UK clients
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