Reviewing commercial contracts to avoid financial difficulties

Contact us now to request a checklist about how to extract more value from commercial contracts to improve your financial position in a downturn or to avoid being adversely affected by another party’s financial difficulties. Our expert commercial lawyers based in London and Birmingham are experienced commercial lawyers who can work with you as an in-house lawyer to better understand your commercial arrangements and reduce exposure.


Reviewing contracts, or generally conducting an audit, can highlight the potential for achieving savings in a number of ways as well as reducing exposure to the business in a downturn. These include:


  • Making use of existing provisions in the agreements, for example, benchmarking, continuous improvement, exclusivity and minimum purchase obligations.
  • Renegotiating individual terms, such as the price, or the scope, of the goods or services.
  • Terminating the relationship as a whole.
  • Negotiating an exit.


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