Advertising and Marketing

Our aim is to provide legal advice on a wide range of advertising and marketing issues, to form a lasting relationships with our clients and to be the first commercial law firm you think of should a legal issue arise.

Advertising and Marketing Legal Services
We understand that in business today staying ahead of the pack requires innovative campaigns that will catch the customer’s attention. We also understand that these very public campaigns can backfire from time to time.


Our specialist marketing and advertising law team advise clients on all aspects of marketing and advertising law, following the journey from the planning stage to negotiations for advertising agreements, false advertising lawsuits, new media privacy issues, copyright problems and more.


New and evolving technology means that companies need to be able to respond quickly to events of reputational significance, as they occur, so we’re here to help with issues around social media, magazine and email copy. We can also draft and review client and agency agreements, and review legal and copy clearance.


We can advise on whether your marketing and advertising is legal, decent, truthful, honest, socially responsible and accurate, as these are the legal requirements.


As a commercial law firm, we can also help with branding issues, copyright infringement and patents issues.

How We Work
Our lawyers are drawn from a range of backgrounds, many from the Top 50 law firms in the UK, so rest assured that the marketing and advertising specialists we provide will have the necessary experience to deal with your issue in a professional and efficient way.


We offer a personal legal service to larger businesses, integrating ourselves into the in-house team. Working in-house means that your allocated lawyer has a unique insight into your plans for the future and a better understanding of how our advice will affect the working practices of your company.


Alternatively, we can work from our offices in the style of a more traditional private practice, providing our services on a transactional basis.


Get in touch with any queries you may have on advertising and marketing law by emailing us at or ringing us now on 0121 562 1704.