Our commercial solicitors can help you with all aspects of agency law. Every member of the team is experienced in our chosen field and, because of the breadth of our specialties we represent, we can help on a wide range of legal matters relating to your agency business.

Agency Law
You will have a number of issues to consider before signing an agency agreement, and our commercial solicitors team can provide all the information you need before you proceed. This saves you time and money by preventing costly mistakes, and will help you decide early in the process whether your firm should consider an alternative agreement or contract instead.


Our lawyers specialising in agency law will:


    • Provide all the necessary information to enable you to decide which contract is suitable when entering into an agency agreement with another company or individual.


    • Give advice as to when an agency business model may not be appropriate. No one model fits all, and it should be tailored to fit your particular needs.


    • Draw up the relevant agency agreements that include key points – for example, references to suitable compensation or indemnity payments on termination of the agreement.


    • Advise on the particulars of relationships between the Principal, Third Party and Agent and their duties towards each other.


    • Help terminate agency agreements while avoiding disputes and litigation.


    • Assist with any other agency law-related issues or queries your company or organisation may have.
How We Work
Our uniquely flexible way of working means that we can offer in-house counsel for as long a period as necessary, or work on a transaction basis from our own offices. Working this way means we can adapt the services we provide to suit your particular business needs.


We help companies ranging in size from individuals to members of the UK Top 500. All of our lawyers have a breadth of experience, and many have worked with multinational companies and top legal firms. That means we’re in an excellent position to help with matters relating to agency law or any other matter you need assistance with.


As well as commercial law, we can also help with legal issues around advertising and marketing law, franchising amongst others.


Get in touch with any queries you may have on agency law by emailing us at or ringing us now on 0121 562 1704.