Supply of Goods and Services

Whether you are a supplier of goods and services, or you purchase goods and services from other organisations, our commercial solicitors can provide the legal advice and assistance you need.


We advise on the seller’s or buyer’s obligations, give guidance on warranties, draft supply of goods and services contracts or instalment contracts, or warn either party of issues in the other’s contract, so you can be sure that the advice you are receiving is sound and well founded.

Supply of Goods and Services
Professionally drawn-up contracts for the sale of goods or services are essential for maintaining professional business relationships. Sales transactions can be complex and do not always run smoothly, so care should be taken to prevent future disputes and misunderstandings. Making these contracts watertight is one way of doing this.


We can draft absolute or conditional contracts for the sale of goods, whether that requires a standard set of terms and conditions, or needs the negotiation of an additional set of conditions to fit in with your business requirements.


Contracts for the supply of services can be tailored to your requirements. They generally cover details of the goods or services, the time period in relation to delivery and payment, fees, the limitations of liability and defective goods clauses. It is essential that the suppliers of these services have them drawn up by a qualified professional.


My Business Counsel can provide assistance should disputes or disagreements arise between buyers and sellers, and also draft Service Level Agreements (SLAs) where required. SLAs serve to define the level of service that exists between the service provider and the customer.

How We Work
The lawyer assigned to your case will have more than enough experience to deal with your issue knowledgeably, professionally and efficiently. We cover a wide range of commercial services.


When you contact us, we’ll discuss with you how you’d like to work with our lawyer: we’ll appoint someone on a traditional transactional basis, or if it suits your business better, we may come to your office to work in house on a retainer basis. This may be on a short-term or long-term basis.


Whichever way we work with you, you can be guaranteed that our legal team will do all they can to ensure a satisfactory outcome.


To get the ball rolling, email us at or ring us now on 0121 562 1704.