Commercial Property

Your commercial property may be the main company office you own, it may be a portfolio of properties in which you invest or it may be leasehold property that you rent from a landlord. Whichever the circumstances, commercial property law is complex and should be dealt with by a specialist in the field.


We provide legal advice to landowners, retailers, developers and house builders on all aspects of commercial property law and our commercial property services include:

Commercial Leases
Our commercial solicitors can help you draft and negotiate new commercial leases or have existing leases renewed. They work closely with your business to make sure you understand the terms of any leases and agreements and where problems are likely to arise in future, and they will suggest alternative wordings of sections, should that be necessary.


For more information, visit our Commercial Leases.

Commercial Development
Acquisitions and disposals, option agreements, development documents, overage deeds, environmental issues and planning permission are just a selection of the legal matters our experienced commercial legal team can help with. Our know-how in the field of property means we understand the commercial imperative that drives these deals.


For more information, visit Commercial Development.

Planning and Development
Our commercial property lawyers can help draft planning applications, guiding you through the complex process that is planning and development. They will also advise on your business’s planning obligations based on current local laws, and handle negotiations, litigation or legal challenges in connection with planning breaches or applications.


For more information, visit Planning & Development.


How We Work
We’re a UK full-service legal firm, with offices in London, Birmingham and Leeds. As well as working from our own offices on a transactional basis, we can arrange to have our lawyers work in-house with you for however long or short a time is required. The advantage of this way of working is that we can see the affect our decisions have on your business. It also helps create a close professional working relationship. Either way, you’ll find that our pricing structure is fair and reasonable, considering the calibre of solicitors we work with.


We also provide corporate legal services, commercial services and help with energy law.

Get in touch with any queries you may have on commercial property law, commercial development or issues with commercial leases by emailing us at or calling one of our offices.