Employee Share Schemes

The introduction of an employee share scheme is an effective way to motivate, reward and retain employees and attract new workers. It can be a great way for businesses and employees to take advantage of available tax relief and exemptions. And is also an essential part of a successful business strategy.


My Business Counsel can provide you with a corporate solicitor to set up or maintain your scheme.

Employee Share Schemes Services
Whether your company is an SME or a large organisation, we can provide help and advice on:


Eligibility: Whether your company is eligible to set up an employee share scheme. Not all types of scheme are suitable for all companies, and we will only suggest those that would fit your firm.


Deciding which type of employee share scheme will best suit your firm: Options include Company Share Option Plan (CSOP), which tends to be mainly geared towards rewarding members of senior management; Share Incentive Plan (SIP), where employees benefit from tax and National Insurance advantages by being given or buying shares in the company; Save As You Earn (SAYE), whereby employees save a monthly amount and have an option to buy shares at the end of a given period; and Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI), which are suitable for smaller, higher-risk companies.


Designing a new share scheme: One that is acceptable to investors.


Implementing a new share scheme and helping to maintain ongoing schemes.


Designing a bespoke scheme: For private and private equity-backed companies.


Extending or changing the terms of an existing share scheme and negotiating the new terms with current investors.


Drawing up contracts for new employees: Or those being invited to sign up for a scheme.


Dealing with disputes related to share incentive schemes: Over an employee’s leaver’s right, for example, or a plan having to be restructured when the company becomes listed as a private company.

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