Joint Ventures

Joint ventures can be an extremely beneficial business strategy for sole traders and companies. Combining the know-how and resources of each company enables businesses to undertake extra short-term or longer-term projects and/or attract business from customers requiring the talents of the two combined. This potentially productive working relationship needs to start off on the right foot, and that’s where our team of expert corporate solicitors can help.

Joint Venture Legal Advice
Our corporate legal team can provide advice on any legal issues that may arise as the result of a joint venture. We can help maintain good working relationships between all involved, negotiate on your behalf, and carefully manage your risk and exposure.


We can also help you decide which form of joint venture you should enter into, whether that’s a limited company, partnership, LLP or cooperation agreement. We will fully educate you on the differences between these options, as each has advantages and drawbacks, and we will draw up contracts to remove the potential for problems further down the line.

Joint Venture Agreements
Our solicitors can provide protection against possible problems and disagreements by drafting a written joint venture agreement that works for both parties. This agreement will set out clearly where responsibilities lie – the aims, goals and duties of all companies or individuals involved – and, importantly, create a strategy that will allow all parties to complete the project successfully and profitably.


Our legal team will also provide watertight terms and conditions that divide any potential risk fairly, and so ensure an excellent and open business relationship.

How We Work
Get in touch with us and we’ll discuss with you exactly what you need. We can provide the services of someone who will work within your own in-house legal team on a retainer basis, or work in the role of a more traditional lawyer.


We can also help with Partnerships & LLPs and Mergers & Acquisitions.

If you’re an individual or a company considering a joint venture, get in touch straight away and we’ll do the groundwork to ensure a successful and happy business relationship. Email us at or phone us at 0121 562 1704.