MBIs and MBOs

Management buyouts require a careful understanding and application of the law, our team of corporate solicitors provide a wide range of specialist legal advice to SMEs and large companies.


The personal, practical and efficient solutions that we provide for Management Buy-Ins (MBIs) and Management Buyouts (MBOs) mean that the risks and complications involved in these processes are minimised.

Management Buyouts
While MBOs can be a way for management teams to generate substantial funds, there are also hefty risks involved. We help members of management teams to assess a company’s financial and legal standing before they embark on this complex journey, and to minimise the risks involved in being part of a management buyout team.


Having lawyers involved from the outset will help when formulating the deal. We can also help the management team negotiate with the buyer or seller and their legal team.

Management Buy-Ins
The legal structure that is the MBI is just as complex and is best dealt with by experts in the field. A management team buying into a company may well have less inside knowledge than the team embarking on a buyout from within, so just as much care needs to be taken.


My Business Counsel can assist with everything in relation to MBIs and MBOs, from share purchase agreements, due diligence, warranties and disclosures to inter-creditor agreements and more.

How We Work
We work with individuals, SMEs and large companies and can tailor our services to your needs.


As well as providing the usual transaction-based, private practice service where our UK-based lawyers work from their own offices, we can offer a more unusual in-house package on a retainer basis. Our lawyers are drawn mainly from the top 50 UK law firms and  from large commercial organisations (including FTSE companies), so be rest assured of a quality service, from an expert corporate lawyer who has nothing but your commercial needs in mind.


We can advise on many aspects of corporate law including, private equity & venture capital assistance and joint ventures.

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