Partnerships and LLPs

Our corporate solicitors understand that there are a host of different reasons as to why (or why not) a company should register as a limited liability partnership (LLP) or an unlimited partnership, and we’ll work closely with you to decide which is the best option for your business. Our clients include SMEs, individuals and larger concerns.

Our Partnership and LLP Services
If your company needs help with any of the sometimes-complex issues surrounding partnerships, we can help you.


Here is a selection of the matters our legal team can deal with:


  • You need assistance deciding which structure is best for your company, its management team and employees. We’ll help you choose the structure that best meets the needs of your business.
  • You need to draw up an LLP or partnership agreement. The only way to prevent future problems and disputes is to engage a professional solicitor to draft this.
  • You need assistance resolving disputes related to agreements. Disagreements over profit sharing or the way the business is run are all too common in partnerships.
  • As a partner, you feel you’ve been unlawfully discriminated against in the fields of recruitment, promotion, pay, training or the selection of candidates for redundancy, for example.
  • You require clarification on the obligations shared by members under the agreements.
  • You need to expel someone from the partnership. (Omitting a reference to this process within the agreement can be troublesome later on, and can happen.)
  • You are seeking to dissolve the partnership.


We offer practical advice and solutions on any of these legal issues, and more.

How We Work
We’re a full-service law firm and we provide advice on a wide range of corporate legal issues. Our team of talented partnership and LLP lawyers can assist in a wide range of matters in this area.


Many of our corporate lawyers are either drawn from the top 50 legal firms in the UK, or from large commercial organisations. Our impeccable backgrounds means that we are best placed to deal with your legal matters in a professional and knowledgeable manner, offering the sound legal advice your business requires.


We offer a competitive pricing structure, working to a monthly budget where required, or reasonable one-off prices for shorter jobs. For some companies we are able to provide in-house business counsel. This brings its own advantages: it helps to form strong professional relationships and also ensures that our lawyer is well aware of the global affect our advice will have on your plans for the future.


As well as providing advice on partnership law and other corporate matters, we have solicitors who can advise on information technology law, intellectual property, employment and more.

Get in touch with any queries you may have on partnerships and LLPs by emailing us at or ringing us now on 0121 562 1704.