Employment Law

Even the most fair and diligent employer needs employment law advice from time to time, and a wise employer knows that the earlier they seek that advice, the better.  Our employment lawyers provide support to employers with strategic advice – local and multi-jurisdictional – on their most important asset, their people. Our expertise covers the full range of sensitive personnel issues from dismissal to protecting confidentiality, employment tribunals to team moves. Clients view us as their trusted partners in the process, guiding them through contentious and non-contentious labour law issues, EU and regulatory change, and in all aspects of regulation, management and restructuring of pensions.


Our specialist employment solicitors provide expert employment law advice on strategic and on day-to-day legal issues.

Employment Law

Our employment solicitors deal with a wide range of employment law-related matters. Staff recruitment, for example, should be carried out in compliance with anti-discrimination laws. We can help you with employment agreements that will ensure you adhere with employment legislation.


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Employment Disputes
When it comes to employment law, our guidance and advice is intended to prevent future problems. In the event of a claim or dispute being raised, we give support and representation where needed.


Mediation, arbitration or litigation: We do not believe in aggravating a difficult situation, so we work as quickly, efficiently and discreetly as possible to help our clients settle their employment disputes, without the need for litigation.


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HR Support
We provide counsel on a range of HR support issues, from the drafting of a company’s health and safety contracts, to guidance for avoiding disputes in relation to redundancy, reorganisation and relocation.


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How We Work
We have offices in London, Birmingham and Leeds and our lawyers are based all over the UK, so we can provide employment law support wherever you are.


Our employment solicitors come from some of the top legal firms in the UK and the largest commercial organisations. This means they’re in the best place to provide expert employment law advice whenever you need it.


Find out more about our in-house counsel or private practice services by emailing us at or phoning us at 0121 562 1704.