Employment Law

Our employment solicitors are experts on all aspects of employment law and will provide the appropriate guidance to help you put appropriate policies in place.

Employment Law Services
Here is a selection of the employment legal services we provide:


Recruitment issues: We provide guidance on avoiding legal problems when recruiting staff. These include: implementing a non-discriminatory recruitment policy, advice on keeping recruitment records in compliance with data protection law, which records to keep and for how long. We also provide guidance on the recruitment of migrant workers and young people.


Employment contracts: We can help you draw up a formal employment contract template that sets out clearly what you and your employees should expect from each other. While written contracts aren’t obligatory, they can help prevent future costly disputes. Post-termination restrictions can be written into them which will help to protect your business interests.


Disciplinary proceedings: Every business should have a consistent policy in place that sets out clearly what constitutes gross misconduct and minor misconduct and their method for dealing with it. Our employment solicitors can help you draw up a process for carrying out disciplinary proceedings.


Grievance proceedings: A grievance is a complaint by an employee about an action of an employer towards him. As is the case for disciplinary proceedings, a process should be put in place that clearly sets out the steps that will be taken in the event of a grievance complaint being raised. We help our clients with this process by drawing up a procedure that protects the client’s business interest in such an event.


Redundancies: Getting a redundancy process wrong can lead to expensive claims. We can provide guidance on what constitutes a redundancy, your duty to consult, the stipulated length of a redundancy consultation and the importance of using the right selection criteria.


Settlement agreements: Our employment lawyers can draw up a settlement agreement that covers all the key sections. The notice period, payments due to the employee, a tax indemnity and confidentiality clause, and an employee warranties section are all commonly found in settlement agreements.


TUPE transfers: We can advise on all aspects of the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) regulations.

How We Work
My Business Counsel offers an unusually dynamic way of working. As well as working in the usual private practice manner (ideal for small businesses and individuals), we can provide an in-house service, on a monthly retainer basis.


We are a full-service law firm with offices in Birmingham, London and Leeds and we provide guidance on many more aspects of employment law, litigation and dispute resolution and IT legal issues.


If you’re an individual or a company seeking advice on employment issues, get in touch straight away and we’ll do the groundwork to ensure a successful and happy business relationship. Email us at or ring us at 0121 562 1704.