Energy Management (/Energy Efficiency/ESCOs)

ESCO (Energy Service Company) – Energy Performance Contracts/Energy Performance Agreements


My Business Counsel’s experienced team of renewable energy lawyers provide legal persons seeking to provide energy service company (ESCO) type service offerings to private and public sector legal persons with a fully integrated, cross-disciplined spectrum of services to develop projects from start to finish, including:


  • project development including energy performance agreements/energy performance contracts for (/an) energy services (/company) companies (ESCO or ESCOs);
  • engineering procurement construction agreements;
  • operation and maintenance agreements;
  • mergers and acquisitions;
  • regulatory, compliance and permitting support and advice;
  • power purchase agreements;
  • construction and project finance debt finance/equity investment, and/or structured finance support;
  • insolvency remoteness drafting into power purchase agreements and property lease agreements or option to lease agreements for bond financed or securitisation financed matters;
  • real estate advice on agreements for lease, option to lease agreements, and leases;
  • title due diligence (reports on title and certificates of title);
  • investor-grade due diligence reports focussed on creating a “bankable” sale-offering to target exits from funds to private equity houses, and all related document-pack preparation.


We have extensive renewable energy full lifecycle experience that covers a wide variety of clients, and projects, in the UK and internationally. We can apply our depth of knowledge and experience to all other forms of targeted power plant solutions where the funding, contractors and permitting are in place, or are to be put in place.  We are the trusted adviser to developers, EPCs, O&Ms, agents or representatives of funds, sponsors, debt financiers and equity investors, and would be happy to support relevant persons in achieving their targets either ahead of or on time.


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