Information Technology

We advise individuals and businesses, small and large, who trade online or have an internet presence.


Our IT lawyers also provide assistance to sole traders and companies who provide information technology solutions to others, helping them protect themselves from misunderstandings and disagreements.


Our information technology law services include:

Websites, Internet and Ecommerce
From internet defamation disputes to website terms and conditions; online copyright infringement to website developer contracts; ecommerce regulations to distance selling regulations, our technology lawyers can guide and support your company in dealings with the public, clients or technology providers.


To find out more, visit our websites, internet and e-commerce page.

Software Development and Licensing
Software developers as well as their clients need to know the full implications of creating, selling or buying software solutions. We can help with drawing up software specifications, transferring copyright ownership, clarifying ownership of the background technologies involved in software production and resolving disputes involved with software development and licensing.


To find out more, visit our software development and licensing page.

Data Protection and Information Law
We can help prevent your organisation from making expensive mistakes with regard to maintaining customers’, clients’ and employees’ confidential details. Our services include data protection audits, dealing with Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) complaints, advice on how to handle and use sensitive personal data, guidance on outsourcing data processing and education on the cookie law.


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How We Work
We’re a law firm with offices in Birmingham, London and Leeds. Our technology lawyers are the best in their field, with extensive experience in digital media law gained from working with leading commercial companies and law firms, so your company will benefit from our legal and technological expertise. In addition, we can work in-house, enabling us to observe first-hand how your business works and ensuring we have the best solution for your needs.


As well as information technology law, we also give advice on commercial law, corporate law and employment law.

If you have any queries about information technology law or any other of the areas we work in, ring us on 0121 562 1704 or email us at