Data Protection and Information Law

Data protection can be a complex area, covering everything from employee information to customers’ online habits. Our IT lawyers have extensive experience in helping our clients navigate this complicated area, to prevent them from falling foul of current and emerging legislation, and ensuring they work within the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) regulations.

Our Data Protection and Data Information Law Services
Data protection audits: Providing your employees with the information they need to protect customer data is a first step in protecting yourself against claims and complaints.


Our data protection lawyer will carry out audits to ensure your company is complying with current legislation and safeguarding your business interests. We also help draft retention schedules and data protection policies.


Data transfer and data destruction: We will provide best practice advice on dealing with data.


ICO complaints: We will represent your case to the Information Commissioner’s Office should a complaint arise.


Sensitive personal data: Laws are particularly strict on how sensitive personal data can be used, and you need to be aware of what constitutes ‘sensitive’. We can provide guidance on this.


Outsourcing and data processing: Businesses need to be especially careful if they outsource their data processing to external companies. A professional data protection lawyer should be consulted before your company considers using a third-party company.


Cookie law: The recently introduced cookie law means that websites should inform users that they will be leaving tracking information on their computer. Contact our data protection solicitors for advice on how to comply with the cookie law.

How We Work
Our data protection lawyers will provide the guidance required to defend your company against litigation and complaints with regards to the use and storage of personal data, and the knowledge to prevent complaints happening in the first instance.


Our flexible way of working means that, as well as the traditional private practice approach where we work from our own offices, our team can also work in-house to tackle issues on site, in some cases.


We also provide IP legal services, advice on other forms of information technology law and litigations and dispute resolution law.


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