Websites, Internet and Ecommerce

These days, it’s unusual for a firm not to be involved with the internet in some way or other. Unfortunately, legal issues can arise in connection with commercial websites, internet and ecommerce, and our specialist IT lawyers can provide assistance with these.


Internet defamation disputes: As a web host or a site that runs a forum, you may be open to litigation over comments made by third parties on your forum. We can help draft your policy agreement in that area.


We can also intervene on your behalf should you be subject to defamatory comments online, or are accused of making them.


Website developer contracts: We can draw up or check over website developer contracts, whether you’re a developer or a customer having a website built. An Acts of God clause, display rights, payment schedules, copyright terms and work specifications are just some of the sections that should be included in a watertight contract.


Website terms and conditions: We can provide the online contract that sets out your legal relationship with your customer. Although standard terms and conditions may appear to be similar, it’s important that the fine details are relevant to your business, to avoid litigation.


Online copyright infringement: We can intervene on your behalf and provide guidance on how to proceed if your copyright has been infringed.


E-commerce regulations: We can ensure that your website is following current e-commerce regulations and prevent disputes and cancelled sales.


Distance selling regulations: These regulations cover many industries, but  of course very applicable to internet sites.


Domain name disputes: Cybersquatting and domain name disputes are a relatively common internet issue. We provide advice and negotiation to free up the domain name.

How We Work
We provide a flexible service. This means you may have the option of our lawyers working on an in-house, retainer basis. We will also work remotely on a transactional basis for however short-term or long-term an assignment.


We are a law firm with offices in London, Birmingham and Leeds. Our lawyers are based all over the UK, thus are ideally placed to provide the support you need, wherever you are.


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