Intellectual Property

We provide advice on all aspects of intellectual property law.


By forming strong professional relationships with our clients we can evaluate what is best for their business, and then provide watertight legal advice and services that will benefit their company for years to come.


Below are some examples of the type of IP legal advice we deliver.

Intellectual Property
The IP services we provide include:


  • Protection of ideas: Advising on non-disclosure agreements, registration of rights such as patents and designs, how to protect your unregistered rights.
  • Exploitation of IP rights: Working with you to maximise your investment in IP.  This may include preparing licences, assignments and distribution agreements of your IP rights and developing IP exploitation business models.
  • Developing IP: Working closely with you on the shop floor to understand your business and R&D model. This may also include assisting in cementing business relationships for collaboration arrangements and joint ventures.
  • Enforcement of IP: Preventing the infringement of your rights or resolving ownership disputes, whether by negotiation or through formal proceedings


Protecting your business inventions is a worthwhile investment and we help our clients ensure that ownership is preserved in the full sense of the law. Thus, whether registering your patent with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), pursuing infringements of your patent, or advising you on a potential infringement of another company’s patent, we have a suitable specialist legal advisor to help you.


To find out more, visit our patent protection page.

Your trademark is the sign that differentiates you from your competitors and is an extremely valuable asset for your company. Hence, it must be protected and preserved.


Amongst other services, we will consult with you on choosing a new trademark and registering it correctly on your behalf with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).


We will negotiate and seek settlement should an infringement of your trademark take place, and will advise you on the best way to proceed regarding litigation.


For more information, visit our trademarks page.


Brand Protection
Trademark protection comes under the remit of brand protection. We can advise on domain name recovery and disputes, among other brand protection-related services.


For more information, visit our brand protection page.

Copyright and Database Rights
Preserve your work from unlawful copying, selling, theft or misuse, or have us bring action against those who carried out any of these actions.


For more information, visit our copyright and database rights page.

Confidential Information and Trade Secrets
We can help draw up agreements that ensure the protection of your company’s confidential information and the trade secrets that you need to keep from prying eyes.


Whether litigation is required, injunctions, or simply general advice on confidential information and trade secrets, we will gladly assist.


Find out more by going to our confidential information and trade secrets page.

How We Work
We offer a dynamic way of working. Our specialist solicitors can work in-house with your team. This way we get to learn more about you and your business, creating a stronger working relationship. We will be on hand as and when you need advice, and can work to a monthly budget, so there are no unexpected invoices at the end of the month.


We can also work on a more transactional, private practice basis, if you prefer.


Discover our cost-effective pricing structure and expect to receive excellent legal advice on all matters relating to commercial law, corporate law and more.


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