Brand Protection

Our team of IP lawyers can advise on a wide range of brand protection issues.


Maintaining your brand’s consistency and keeping it safe from misuse and damage is key to protecting your identity and reputation, and we can provide the necessary legal assistance to preserve this most valuable of assets.

Brand Protection Services
We will work with you to decide how to choose the best trademark and give you the advice you need to start protecting your brand from the outset. And if you have an existing business brand you wold like to protect, our expert brand protection lawyers will help with that, too.


Trademark protection: We will make searches on the IPO database to verify that your preferred trademark is not already registered or impinging on another; ensure that the correct coverage is requested; give advice on whether you should pursue litigation; draft cease-and-desist letters on your behalf; and negotiate settlements for infringements of your trademark.


We can also arrange for trademark watching services where required, so that any infringements are swiftly discovered.


Domain name recovery: We can provide assistance in recovering your domain name; offer advice on all strands of domain name law; defend your case if you are the accused; and negotiate in domain name disputes.


Other services: We will give advice on the protection of copyright, trademarks, patents and confidential information.

How We Work

We offer a dynamic way of working, thus our lawyers can work from our offices, or within your company team – if you need someone to work in house. Working on either a short-term or long-term basis, they can work to monthly budgets so you have no nasty surprises at the end of the month.


We have an extremely high-quality legal team working with us – many drawn from the top 50 legal firms in the UK, and others from FTSE-registered companies.


As well as offering the services of a brand protection lawyer, we offer corporate law advice, commercial law help and employment legal advice.


Protect your brand right from the start and let us know if you have any other queries about brand protection by emailing us at or ringing us now on 0121 562 1704.