Confidential Information and Trade Secrets

Every company has confidential information they need to keep secure. Whether this is information on how the business is run, or information on its products and how they’re made (trade secrets), the expert IP lawyers at My Business Counsel will work with you to protect this information and litigate, or seek an injunction to prevent the misuse of it.


Our leading specialist IP lawyers provide a wide range of services under intellectual property law as well as corporate law and commercial law.

Confidential Information and Trade Secrets Legal Services
Our solicitors can advise on, and draft documentation that relates to the law covering confidential information and trade secrets.


Working closely with your company, we will draw up confidentiality agreements and review employee contracts to make sure that the required confidentiality clauses are included.


We will also work to prevent future misuse of your company’s secrets, should a breach of privacy occur. This may take the form of bringing an injunction, or pursuing the accused through the courts.


We manage disclosures of information where necessary in order that confidentiality is not lost, and write confidentiality clauses into commercial contracts.


Trade secrets are of enormous commercial value and should be kept safe. In some ways this law is better at protection even than patent law, as the period of time it covers is indefinite. However, it does mean that business owners should take reasonable care to keep their trade secrets safe.


Our lawyers will answer any queries you have in relation to confidential information and trade secrets, and provide all the necessary documentation to keep your information safe.

How We Work
We discuss with you exactly how you’d like our lawyer to work with your company. It may suit you to have us work in-house if you’re a larger company, for instance. This way of working serves to allow the solicitor to really get under the skin of your business and find out how you work. Or you may wish to work on a transactional basis, with our solicitors working from our own offices.


Whichever way you choose, rest assured that the level of expertise you will receive is second to none.


Get in touch with any queries you may have concerning confidential information and trade secrets by emailing us at or ringing us now on 0121 562 1704.