Copyright and Database Rights

Copyright law and database law are extremely complex branches of intellectual property protection and as such need to be carried out by experts in the field. Our specialist IP lawyers, drawn from some of the leading UK law firms, can provide a professional and knowledgeable service that will protect your copyright and database information. We will also act on your behalf, should disputes or infringements arise.

Our Copyright Legal Services
Our lawyers can provide a range of specialist advice on copyright to ensure that the work you have created is not stolen, misused or unlawfully copied. We will, on your or your company’s behalf, advise on how best to protect your copyright, contact infringers on your behalf  and deal with disputes, damages royalties and injunctions. They will also carry out chain of title, draw up commercial agreements and more.
Our Database Legal Services
The time and resources spent on adding information to certain databases, such as mailing lists, customer lists, telephone directories and encyclopedias, are protected within copyright law. We can provide any advice you require on specific database law issues.


We also advise on protecting and maximising the value of database assets, and handling disputes, settlements and potential litigation in relation to illegal copying or misuse of the contents of your database.


In addition, we provide guidance on what constitutes a database: some software applications used to build databases are covered under database copyright law, for instance, while others are not.

How We Work
Get in touch to find out how best we can work for you. You may decide that there is a professional advantage to having our solicitor work in house for a time to carry out the necessary legal work. Or you may be happy having our lawyer work from our own offices. We can provide both services at a reasonable price, and this flexible way of working makes our service stand out from many others.


We are a full-service legal firm who can provide a wide range of IP legal services, as well as advice in corporate and commercial law.


Get in touch with any queries you may have on copyright and database law by emailing us at or ringing us now on 0121 562 1704.