Patent protection is just one aspect of intellectual property law and it is granted to an inventor as a territorial right. Businesses should have their inventions protected by registering them with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). They will then be able to take legal action against those attempting to copy, make, sell or import their invention without their express permission. Registering also allows them to sell their own invention.


Our specialist IP lawyers will provide advice and protection services, give guidance on general patent law and pursue litigation where required.

Patent Law Services
 Amongst other services, your lawyer will:


Help you decide if patent protection is the right course of action to take: It may be too early to consider patenting the invention, or not advisable to spend such a large amount of money on it.


Advise if it is a new invention that can be protected, and if it meets the requirements for protection: Not every idea can be patented, and a solicitor will be able to advise on whether it’s a possibility.


Prepare and submit the patent application to the correct patent offices.


Ensure it’s covered in the correct territories.


Uncover potential infringements: Of other patents.


Defend your company: Against objections to the protection of your patent by the Patent Office. We will respond on your behalf.


Help resolve disputes: Between you and third parties who seek to challenge your right to patent protection.


Bring action: Against those who breach your patent. Careful research should be done to begin with to make sure it has been breached and a legal notice sent.

How We Work
Would you rather have our lawyer work in your office with the rest of your team, or do you prefer that they work from their own premises?


If you’re a larger company, we can provide in-house counsel. One of the advantages of this way of working is that your lawyer can get to know your company inside out by forming a strong relationship with your team.


We also work on a more traditional private practice, transactional basis. This gives you the benefit of having your legal representative’s services for as long (or as short) a time as you need them, at a lower cost than many other law firms can provide.


Our lawyers come from top UK law firms as well as major FTSE-registered corporations, which means the level of expertise you receive will be second to none.


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