A trademark differentiates your business from that of your competitors, which is why it should be protected, thereby preventing it from being used by other individuals or businesses.


The first step to protecting your brand is to consult with an IP lawyer who specialises in Intellectual property and trademark law, and that’s where My Business Counsel comes in.


Trademark Services

Many of our specialist trademark attorneys are drawn from the Top 50 law firms in the UK and have extensive experience in handling intellectual property cases, including trademark law. We can:


    • Advise whether your trademark will be acceptable to the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).


    • Make a check to discover whether it has already been registered or whether it will infringe another company’s trademark.


    • Ensure that you request the correct coverage for your trademark.


    • File all of the necessary registration papers with the IPO. (A registered trademark is easier and less costly to protect than an unregistered trademark.)


    • Advise on whether litigation is necessary, should your trademark be infringed.


    • Draft cease-and-desist letters on your behalf in case of a breach (we recommend that you do not do this alone).


    • Deal with infringers on your behalf and negotiate settlements where required.


    • Arrange for trademark watching services where required.


    • Look after the maintenance and renewal of your trademark.


    • Deal with any other aspects of trademark protection and registration.


Having an experienced My Business Counsel trademark lawyer on your side can save you precious time and money. We will also provide peace of mind as you will know that your trademark is being renewed and protected without you having to worry about it.

How We Work

Our team comprises a wide variety of experienced solicitors who are all experts in their respective fields. We will work either from our own or your business premises.


Our IP lawyer can provide you with an in-house legal service, working on your premises in some cases. We’ll tailor the way we work to suit your circumstances. We also provide a reasonable-cost private practice services from our own offices.


My Business Counsel solicitors can advise on other types of intellectual property issues, commercial and corporate law.


If you have any queries about trademark or any other area of Intellectual Property law, ring us at 0121 562 1704 or email us at