Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our litigation solicitors provide legal advice and guidance in all areas of employment disputes, commercial litigation, and pension disputes and litigation.


We know that litigation is costly for companies and best avoided if possible: arbitration, mediation and negotiated settlements are most often a much better solution. However, for those times when matters do proceed to litigation, we can help.


Our litigation and dispute resolution services include:


Commercial Litigation
Our lawyers handle all aspects of commercial litigation, including shareholder and partnership disputes, professional negligence claims and contractual disputes. What’s more, we handle them swiftly and professionally.


To find out more about these services, visit our commercial litigation page. 

Pension Disputes and Litigation
Pension disputes arise for a variety of reasons. These can range from the incorrect drawing up of documents, plans and statements of investment principles to employees disagreeing over the level of benefits or a proposed change to the pension scheme. You may also wish to bring claims against previous legal advisors. Whatever the dispute, rest assured our pension disputes experts can help.


To find out more about these services, visit  our pension disputes and litigation page. 

Employment Disputes
We provide help and guidance on all types of employment disputes. These could arise from the treatment meted out during a worker’s employment or about the way an employee has been dismissed. You may have been accused of sexual, disability or racial discrimination, or wish to guard yourself against such accusations. Or perhaps you need help with an unfair dismissal claim or the drafting of a compromise agreement.


Whatever the employment dispute, My Business Counsel can help. Find out more on our employment disputes page.  

How We Work
We’re a full-service legal team with offices in London, Birmingham and Leeds. We work from our own private practices on a transactional basis and also provide a flexible way of working for our clients. This may include working alongside your legal team or as your in-house counsel.


As well as being flexible in our work practices, we offer the services of a talented team of commercial litigation lawyers, all with background experience of working with the UK’s top law firms.


Our team can also help with matters of IP law, commercial and corporate law.


If you have any queries about litigation and dispute resolution, ring us at 0121 562 1704 or email us at