Commercial Litigation

When it comes to litigation, our approach is simple: where possible, we’ll concentrate instead on arbitration and negotiation. In the event it becomes clear that court proceedings are the only answer, our commercial litigation solicitors will fight to win your case, whether you’re an individual or a large business.

Commercial Litigation Services


Interest Rate Swap Mis-Selling: We can help you assess your current situation, advise you on the strength of your claim and negotiate compensation via the FCA or if necessary through Litigation.


Shareholder and partnership disputes: Disputes between shareholders and partnerships can become heated and stressful, destabilising the workplace. In such instances, we can step in and deal with matters in an efficient and discreet manner that benefits everyone in the office.


Professional negligence: The speedy resolution of a professional negligence dispute is the ideal scenario, and our solicitors will work to pursue or defend a claim as quickly as we possibly can. Mediation to settle a claim is the preferred option; however, should the circumstances require it, we will bring the case to court.


Contractual disputes: Contract disputes can have a negative effect on your business. They tend to occur more often in tough economic circumstances, which is why your company should have a robust plan in place in the event of a dispute. Our commercial litigation lawyers can help you with this.


Contested bankruptcy litigation: We can help you, as a creditor, dispute a request for insolvency if you feel that the company in question is able to pay off its debts. We also act for debtors should a creditor contest bankruptcy.


If you have a query regarding litigation or dispute resolution that isn’t covered on this list, get in touch to see how we can help.

How We Work
Our commercial litigation lawyer can either work in-house or on a one-off, short-term or long-term basis from their own office. Our lawyers are based all over the UK, so we can be as flexible as your business needs us to be. Many of them come from the Top 50 legal firms in the UK, and others from large commercial organisations. That puts them in the best position to help you with any commercial litigation queries you may have.


We can also assist with other aspects of litigation and dispute resolution, commercial law and restructuring and insolvency.


If you have any queries about commercial litigation or any other area of litigation and dispute resolution law, email us at or call us on 0121 562 1704