Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, our approach is simple: to provide strategic advice for our clients, in a way that will ensure the most profitable outcome for their business.


Our real estate lawyers have vast experience in negotiating and managing some of the most complex real estate projects in the country, and can provide you with the expert advice you need for your project.


Whether you are a property developer, landlord or tenant, we can provide you with commercial and legal advice for your building project. This could range from negotiating your commercial lease to negotiating the resources you need for your commercial development. Our objective is always to secure the most beneficial result for our client.


Our service areas:

Commercial Leases
We provide advice on all aspects of commercial leases, including: dealing with rent deposit deeds; organising property surveys and land searches, and negotiating the terms of a new lease.


To find out more, visit our commercial leases page.

Commercial Development
Our commercial property team can provide the specialist legal advice you need for your commercial development. Our services in this area include: advice on environmental issues, planning permissions and document drafting.


To find out more, visit our commercial development page.

Planning and Development
Our planning and development legal team can help with all your legal planning needs, including: planning applications, agreements or legal challenges and professional representation at public enquiries, some of which can be rather high profile and emotionally charged.


To find out more, visit our planning and development page.

How we work

We are a full-service business legal services firm with offices in London, Birmingham and Leeds. Our lawyers are based all over the country, thus are ideally placed to provide the support you need, wherever you are.
Our legal team can work in-house with your legal department, or from our offices on a transaction basis, for as long as is needed by your business. This flexible way of working means that we are able to offer our clients a dynamic and efficient service that is more tailored to their business needs.


Get in touch with any legal queries you may have on real estate by emailing us at or calling us on 0121 562 1704