Corporate Insolvency

Unfortunately, insolvency is a fact of life for business, and a difficult economic climate only serves to increase the threat of it. Whether you are a small or large company or an individual, we can help you through this difficult process.  The sooner you contact a specialist insolvency lawyer to help, the better the outcome is likely to be.

Corporate Insolvency Services
We guide and represent debtors, creditors, companies facing bankruptcy, directors of companies or insolvency practitioners.


Our services include:


Insolvency guidance: We guide company owners and directors on the choices they have, their duties and responsibilities towards all parties affected, and we provide advice on all the options involved in bankruptcy, litigation and administration. Then, we help steer them through the insolvency process, so that they can make the right decisions for the future of the company.


Our corporate insolvency lawyers will also instruct on creditors’ rights, liquidations, winding up proceedings, confiscation and restraint proceedings, and company voluntary arrangements.


Insolvency disputes: Our insolvency solicitors can help with preferences actions and disputes between the insolvent company and its trading partners. We can also assist with asset removal and investigations, dividend claims and bringing sanctions against directors. My Business Counsel will become involved in the appointment or removal of an office holder, wrongful trading and enforcement of a borrower’s obligations and defaults as well as auditor liability.

How We Work
Our lawyers are experts in their chosen fields and can offer you the option of working in house with your own legal or management team. This means we get to know your business thoroughly, and gain a better understanding of how our decisions will affect your business, employees and management team.


Other clients may prefer a more traditional, private-practice style of working, in which our lawyers will work from our own offices on a transactional basis.


As well as restructuring and insolvency, our solicitors can also advise on commercial law, corporate law and IP issues.

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