Restructuring and Reorganisation

We offer a flexible, yet, professional restructuring and reorganisation service for individuals and companies facing insolvency, across all sectors.  Restructuring not only benefits companies in financial difficulties; it’s also a preventative process that can protect businesses from future financial difficulties and ensure that all relevant tax advantages and benefits are being fully realised.

Restructuring and Reorganisation Services
Our insolvency lawyers help companies with all aspects of corporate restructuring and reorganisation, including company ownership, legal or operational set-up. Our aim is to provide the guidance needed to bring our clients back to profitability.


Services offered include:


    • Tax saving: Tax is one of the key costs in business. That’s why we work together with an accountant to help our clients understand the tax implications involved in reorganising their company structure.


    • Executing a tax reduction plan can also contribute to significant savings, and the correct advice on whether it’s advisable to restructure is crucial. We help our clients prevent insolvency by implementing a reorganisation as quickly and efficiently as possible.


    • Restructuring the share capital and ownership of the company: Reorganising the share capital can result in significant savings while at the same time not having a significant impact on the ownership of the company.


    • Corporate debt restructuring: Outstanding liabilities can be reorganised in a way that will help a business pay off debts. We can assist with the drawing up and execution of a plan that will assist creditors as well as your own company.

How We Work
Our corporate lawyers are experts in corporate restructuring and reorganisation. Their commercial experience is drawn from years of working at the top law firms and global brands in the UK, so your business will benefit from expert advice at cost-effective rates.


Our flexible way of working means that we can work alongside your management team or act as your own in-house legal counsel. We also offer a more traditional service where we will work from our own private practice office on a transactional basis.


We also provide businesses with guidance on commercial law, employment law and litigation and dispute advice.

If you have any queries about restructuring and reorganisation or any other area of insolvency law, email us at or call us on 0121 562 1704.