Tax is ever-changing, it ebbs and flows. To guide you through the intricate world of tax, you would need a lawyer with many years of experience and wisdom – and character to go with it. Our lawyers have up to 40 years of experience in tax and dealing with a range of entrepreneurs to large multinationals. They have helped save individuals and corporations millions on their tax bill. Keeping up to date with domestic and international tax legislation, our lawyers are experts at dealing with borders when it comes to international dilemmas.


We have in-depth experience in resolving large and complex tax problems and are skilled at either sitting between both parties in a facilitation, mediation role and leading the negotiation towards a mutually acceptable position.


Tax and Financial Planning


We understand that as a business – be it big or small, the most cringe worthy part is when you gaze upon your tax bill. Our expertise can help turn that awful wince into a wry smile. By help setting up your company projects, investments or individual business in a tax efficient way from the start, this would in turn improve your cash flow and leave more expenditure to grow and expand.


We work closely with our clients to ensure that they receive a confidential, responsive and personal service that matches their style and needs.


We advise individuals on tax and financial issues including but limited to:


– Inheritance planning
– The use of Trusts
– Financial planning
– Tax Domicile and Residence issues
– Remittance of income or capital
– HMRC Investigations
– Late disclosure
– National Crime Agency expertise




A fiduciary structure can help not only protect your assets but can also offer you greater flexibility over their management and distribution. The most common type of fiduciary structure is called a ‘trust’, a binding arrangement whereby assets are transferred to a ‘trustee’, who is required to administer its assets for the benefit of specified beneficiaries. The trustee must do this strictly in accordance with the terms of the trust.


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