Legal Department Consultancy

My Business Counsel’s Legal Consultancy service can benefit both law firms and in-house legal departments.  Our consultancy offering is designed to help enhance the effectiveness of a department in a law firm, or the workings of an in-house legal team in an organisation.

Working with one of  Business Counsel consultancy team, which is made of experienced lawyers and Lean Six Sigma consultants, we will be able to maximise business contribution and success of the law firm department through a wide range of innovative solutions and services.


Our Legal Consultancy solutions is made up of the following service areas:

Our In-House Department Consultancy is focused on working with Senior Counsel and Management at organisations to maximise the value that is derived from the in-house legal team.  Please click here to find out more on our In-House Department Consultancy.

We are able to work with other law firms to provide support in many ways, one of which is to provide an outsourced Professional Support and Knowledge Management service, as well as consult on managing change within departments and globally throughout the organisation. Please click here to find out more on our Consultancy for Law Firms

It is vital for law firms and in-house legal teams to ensure that the knowledge of their staff embedded within the company is realised and converted to a business asset that progresses the firm and department.  Please click here to learn more of our Knowledge Management support that can work with you to create, establish and maintain ‘Know-How’ systems.

My Business Counsel’s Legal Department Consultancy is able to offer the type of services typically provided by a professional support lawyer, such as precedent documentation, research, current awareness and training. Please click here to learn more about our Professional Support Services.

Benefits of our Legal Consultancy Service to your firm and legal department


Our consultancy service is specifically designed to help you enhance the effectiveness of your legal team at a time when many organisations are demanding more from their in-house legal functions and their instructed law firms.  The key for any strategy is to ensure that your team don’t only see themselves as lawyers, but as mini business people in your organisation that are commercially aware and add value to the organisation.

For more information on our Legal Department Consultancy, contact our Business Services team on or on 0121 562 1704.