Consultancy For Law Firms

My Business Counsel appreciates the effort in terms of capital and management to maintain and approach new client’s.  If you have clients contacting you for matters that your law firm does not have the required legal expertise for,  then you may wish to refer such matters to another law firm that has the appropriate knowledge and expertise to support your client without the risk of losing that client.  My Business Counsel is able to support you in such situations.


We would be more than happy to sign a written non-poaching agreement to ensure that you retain your client at all times, before and after any instruction is completed. In addition to this, My Business Counsel with the use of its IT infrastructure is able to communicate with your client using your stationary and email address with business email signature to ensure a seamless service to your clients.

For more information on our Legal Department Consultancy, contact our Business Services team on or on 0121 562 1704.


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