Legal Services for Law Firms


Our Legal Services for Law Firms allows other law firms to utilise the expertise within My Business Counsel to service the needs of their own clients.  We assist in managing risk, cost and capacity across a range of legal services.  Law firms are particularly under pressure to reduce their costs whilst maintaining or exceeding quality of service.  The service is particularly suited to those firms that lack certain expertise, or generally to support those firms that are currently experiencing an increase in workload.


When you work with My Business Counsel, you will receive the best trained lawyers and support staff that can help your firm maintain their profitability whilst supporting your client’s needs.


What does it cost?

There is no membership fee applicable and the service does not cost your firm anything.  Depending on whether you request an Add-On Service or an Embedded Service, the cost to you will be far less or equal to you employing a similarly qualified lawyer and conducting the work yourself.


It is your Client

At all times, your client will remain your client and My Business Counsel will never conduct work for your client unless you are informed in advance. You will retain direct control of your client and charge whatever fee that you wish.


Advantages for you

  • Our net charges typically represent the net profit that law firms make on a matter
  • You have no responsibility for Professional Indemnity for the work conducted by our lawyers
  • You have very experienced lawyers that are working on your behalf with your client, which in turn allows you to represent your firm as a corporate firm.
  • Our lawyers can be represented as your senior solicitors in the usual way, and use your systems to conduct the work for your client.


Peace of mind for you

  • We sign a no poaching agreement with you, which provides you peace of mind that we will not work for your client without you knowing about it.
  • All clients remain your client, and are only registered with My Business Counsel to comply with SRA regulations
  • You are able to service the needs of your client without turning them away to another firm.
  • You receive a highly expert and experienced legal team with a broad skill set to help you maintain profitability
  • You are able to promote the following practice areas on your website and literature.


My Business Counsel Practice Areas


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