In-House Legal Department Consultancy

In-house legal teams are not established and retained for their technical legal skills, as this is expected since they are lawyers and their legal skills are expected. What really matters is how the lawyers in the legal department apply those skills and enhance the skill sets of the commercial teams around them to reduce exposure.

My Business Counsel’s Legal Department Consultancy works with you to enhance the value-added contribution of your legal team to the business. The role of the legal department has evolved over the years and it is now required to perform a variety of roles from the business-as-usual work for day to day matters all the way to strategic business planning and conveying value to the shareholders.

What do you expect to achieve with our consultancy?

Our focus when working within your business will be reviewing the effectiveness of the legal function and its reputation within the business – and where necessary implementing a change programme to develop it.

Our goal from this consultancy programme will be to develop an integrated solution to action the following:

  • review and analyse how the legal department is perceived within the business by other departments and colleagues in the business
  • construct a programme using our in-house expertise and change management experience to develop and restructure the legal department to work closely with the business, and become more involved with other departments at early stages of negotiations or planning
  • identify areas of training that maybe required within the legal department or within other departments in order for them to understand what event should trigger a trip to the legal department. In most cases we would prepare the legal department to deliver this training.
What benefit will your company receive as a whole


We have partnered with Curium Solutions, change management specialist, to work with our specialist in-house lawyers to create a unique consultancy programme that takes into account the legal transformation suggestion that we will make and combine this with the change management capabilities of Curium Solutions to promote culture change of your commercial teams and improve commercial process. Using unique models that combine technical expertise with characteristics of nature and its elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire) Curium are able to provide:


  • A more conclusive understanding of the behavioural styles of different department commercial teams (such as sales, marketing, procurement etc) and how they all impact each other, as well as how well they interact with the legal department.
  • Assist with promoting more balanced teams within your organisations
  • Reduce any conflict and communication matters

What benefit will your legal department achieve from our structured consultancy programme?

The programme commences with a Client Instruction Form that delves into all aspects of the mechanics of the legal department from accepting client instructions to management of contracts and communication.  The exercise will essentially allow you to conduct an audit of the legal department and its contribution to adding value within the business.

Your legal department will benefit from becoming more closely aligned with other departments in your business, which in turn will allow other departments to understand your role within the business.
A revision of the structure and alignment of the legal department will also assist staff of the legal department to become more confident in engaging with the business and hence boost motivation and retention within the department.
For more information on our Legal Consultancy, contact our Business Services team on or on 0121 562 1704.