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Both law firms and in-house legal teams can benefit greatly from formal knowledge management (KM).  KM is essential if an organisation is to transform the knowledge embedded in its individuals and systems into a business development asset that can be used to enhance client and in-house relationships and drive profitability and growth.

What is meant by KM?
KM encompasses all forms of know-how and knowledge sharing.  My Business Counsel’s Legal Department Consultancy can work with you to get as creative as you wish.  Precedent documentation is a useful starting point but, in addition, your legal department may benefit from guidance notes; transaction toolkits; well-ordered and maintained experts lists; effective use of your organisation’s intranet, including a staff directory forming a comprehensive internal directory of expertise; and increased use of social media, such as blogs and wikis.
What are the benefits of good KM?
Effective KM will:

  • Prevent reinvention of the wheel
  • Provide employees with access to quality standard documentation
  • Allow for safer and more frequent work delegation
  • Ensure employees are kept up to date on developments in the law
What are the benefits of using our knowledge management consultancy service?
At My Business Counsel, we have experienced know-how lawyers who will work closely with both your legal department and your wider organisation in order to explore new and potentially more efficient ways of working.
In addition:

  • You have control of the scope of the work, whether that is a particular project or a fixed period of time
  • In turn, as we will agree a fee with you, you have control over your costs
  • You can set the deadlines
  • You do not have any obligations regarding employee benefits


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