Professional Support Services

As well as setting up a new knowledge management (KM) system or developing an existing one, My Business Counsel’s Legal Department Consultancy is able to offer the type of services typically provided by a professional support lawyer, such as precedent documentation, research, current awareness and training.

Precedent documentation
Really good KM offers much more than simple precedent documentation but this does still need to be in place. Quality documentation prevents reinvention of the wheel by commoditising what can be commoditised whilst allowing employees to add their own knowledge and expertise where necessary.

We can work with you to create a precedent bank, in time developing it further to include related know-how such as guidance notes and transaction toolkits. These tools will allow work to be undertaken more efficiently at the correct level, thereby increasing your profitability.

Clients expect lawyers to be fully up to speed with every aspect of the law, but we at My Business Counsel know that this is simply not possible. As experts in legal research, and with the ability to identify suitable resources, we are able to deal with a variety of enquiries.

We also have expertise in business research, which can provide a useful function to support your organisation’s business development teams with pitches and tenders, as well as lawyers carrying out marketing.

We are happy to undertake research on either an ongoing retainer or an ad hoc basis and our excellent rates provide a cost effective way of ensuring that your employees have every issue covered.

Current Awareness
Current awareness, such as newsletters, fact sheets and blogs, can provide a useful marketing tool, particularly for law firms, as well as a means of keeping both private practice and in-house lawyers up to date with developments in the law.

We are experienced in writing engaging and informative content whilst at the same time ensuring search engine optimisation, leaving your lawyers free to focus on their legal work.

Training is not simply a means of gaining CPD points. We will sit down with you to discuss your requirements and provide training tailored to your legal department’s particular needs. We cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from sessions developing your lawyers’ practical skills to those focussing on a particular legal issue.

What are the benefits of using our professional support consultancy service?
At My Business Counsel, we have experienced lawyers who will integrate smoothly into your legal department, provide you with a quality service and give you access to knowledge and experience that might lead you to see your organisation in a different light, potentially leading to more innovative ways of working.

In addition:

  • You have control of the scope of the work, whether that is a particular project, an ongoing assignment or a fixed period of time.
  • In turn, as we will agree a fee with you, you have control over your costs
  • You can set the deadlines
  • You do not have any obligations regarding employee benefits


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