Kevin Bodley

Aviation & Contractual Specialist Solicitor
Kevin Bodley is an aviation solicitor with many years specialist experience within the aviation industry, including as in-house lawyer with a major UK airline (BMI British Midland); leading London City law firms, and latterly as a sole practitioner with a niche commercial practice since 1999. His work includes providing day-to-day in-house advice to substantial business organisations and individuals.
He has a detailed understanding of exactly what clients need and expect.In addition Kevin advises on all aspects of company & commercial law, including substantial cross-border high-value agreements and transactions, He also has many year’ experience in commercial litigation and advocacy and employment law.
He is also a Notary Public for England & Wales and a can act as a Solicitor-Advocate (Higher Courts-Civil)


Kevin is able to provide expert advice on company law, commercial law and litigation to all businesses irrespective of sector and his specialist knowledge qualifies him to advise on of all aspects of aviation, from start-ups to restructuring and insolvency.
Kevin is able to deliver advice and resolutions on all features of ownership and operation of Commercial, Corporate, VIP and private aircraft , start-ups, CAA and FAA licensing and regulation, commercial agreements including: aircraft and engines sale & purchase; Conditional Sale, Hire-Purchase, operating and finance leases; sub-leases; charters (wet & dry); engine swap/exchange/pooling; assignments and security documentation; Power by the Hour; maintenance/ engineering/ painting, refurbishment, conversion; GTA terms, conditions of trading; conditions of carriage; IATA issues; put & call options; Escrow Agreements etc.

These are a few of the areas Kevin has been able to provide assistance:

  • Accidents, damage and injury claims;
  • Inquests. Cape Town Convention;
  • US registration/Trust Agreements;
  • CAA regulatory issues;
  • EASA issues & Eurocontrol;
  • UK Airport Authority disputes;